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Put Your Data to Work. Your Way. Right Away.

myQuorum Data Hub helps you to get more value from your software investments in reporting and analytics. Our data experts get myQuorum data decision-ready by making it easy to use and easy to understand. Then, you provide access to whoever needs the data -- whenever, wherever, and in whatever tool.


It’s Your Data. Use it to Your Advantage.

You are not a data-driven organization if your data is locked away in databases and inaccessible to users. Also, when you have to focus on building and maintaining models and connectors, decisions could be delayed. The solution is a data-as-a-service subscription that simplifies your data to make it easier to understand and use.


Better Decision Making Icon

Empower decision making

Eliminate hurdles to better insights with on-demand access to decision-ready data.

Software Data

Report in the tool of your choice

Get the answers you need with the BI tools you already use, like Power BI, Excel, Tableau, and Spotfire.

Access Software Where You Are

Build trust in your data

Improve data consistency and veracity by delivering clean, simple data when and where you need.


Put Data to Work

Data is one of your most valuable assets when the right access, tools, and culture are in place. With myQuorum Data Hub, you can move beyond stale information and reports to intelligent, digital operations.

Reporting and Visualization

Make Better Decisions

Push insights across the organization with easy-to-understand data ready for decision makers, business users, and analysts alike.

Data Services

Increase IT Efficiency

Free IT from maintaining databases and data models as well as cleansing data with cloud-based data as-a-service built for myQuorum.

Ad Hoc Query

Improve Business Intelligence

Report, visualize, and analyze your clean and usable data in the leading BI applications you already have.

Technology Enablement for the Energy Industry

Make software work better for your company and capture greater ROI in less time. Design Studio bridges the gap between tailored and off-the-shelf software by empowering you to extend, integrate, and build innovative solutions on the open standards-based myQuorum platform.


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